Who would have thunk that?

I heard today that apparently I have noble blood in me. XD

Apparently the Great-grandfather of my father's grandmother (which makes him my Great-great-great-grand-father?), was a guy called Josef von Martial, last baron of this castle:


This isn't even far from where I live now, I should visit it some time.

Apparantly the noble family von Martial trace back to french nobility of the 12th century.

Sadly, according to Wikipedia, the son of said Josef von Martial and thus my Great-great-grand-father, Carl, who was an oficer in the army, had his title revoked because of "misconduct on duty" (for whatever that may mean) some 150 years ago.

(German) Wikipedia-article abot the family von Martial

And about the castle Herrenbröl.

Adventures of a young valkyrie

Haven't posted in a while, because I was too busy or too lazy, respectively. Still need to update this with 2 more hikes of the last 2 months, hopefully soon.

Until then I'll leave you with these short (and very old) clips of me. Just click on the link to watch.

Lesson 1: Keeping the balance. Some minus points for using hands though.

Lesson 2: Enduring heights without vertigo. Perfect.

Lesson 3: Fighting armies of evil enemies (ie. stinging nettles). Very convincing.

And a belated happy new year to everyone! XD

Not bad....

I usually get up to the last level, and most of the time I fail there. XD The islands always kill me. But hey, if they tell me to find an island called "Bouvet Island, Norway", I expect it to be near Norway, and not south-west of Africa, lol.

I hate computers

I hate computers. At least I hate mine. The amount of time, energy and nerves this piece of crap had cost me the last few months just isn't funny anymore.

A chronology of horrors:

- for several months already the display if flickering like crazy. It's hurting my eyes, and changing the monitor doesn't help either. It's some kind of problem with the graphics card. At first it was only the first few minutes after switching it on. Now it's permanent and I have to switch to a lower resolution to make it bearable. And I still wonder why I'm becoming increasingly short-sighted?
- it crashes all the time for no apparent reason at all.
- For about half a year, out of 3 components (TV card, sound card network card) only 2 work simultanously. It sounds crazy but it's true. This gives me 3 options: Internet + sound, but no TV (which is what I'm using now), Tv + sound, but no internet (which I installed as 2nd hardware profile, so I have to restart to use it and then restart again, when I want to go online again), and TV + Internet, but no sound (which is entirely useless, unless I watch silent movies).
- Since a few weeks, my computer isn't recognizing 2 out of 3 external HDs anymore. It's not a problem of the hard drives, they're fine, it's my computer. Of course one of them has all my music, which I miss dearly. I just slavaged a tiny portion of it unto the third and oldest HD, which is still working, via a friend's computer.
- I got some nasty malware recently. Well, that's my fault of course. When my HD stopped working, I thought it was a disc failure and I became careless when pirating some data rescue programmes, trying to get my data back. A took me a week to get rid of all the nasty stuff.
- Firefox is crashing permanently.

And now, the highlight. Yesterday, windows stopped working alltogether. It did start and all that, and then it would just stop and shut down again to the log-in screen. And again and again. Safe mode, system restore, even re-installing windows wouldn't help. The only option was to reformat C: and make a fresh install. But there is too much important data on that drive, so I removed it from my computer and replaced it with some old 20GB-HD I had lying around, reinstalled windows there and the most important programmes, which took me a whole day.

On the bright side: with a fresh windows the computer is fast again, and firefox no longer crashing. The display is still flickering though and it still doesn't regognize most of my external hard drives, including my old internal drive when installed as external, so until I can salvage the data via another PC, I'm without my data, setting, bookmarks, passwords etc. Sigh.

If all goes well, I should be able to buy a new comp in November. I can't wait, seriously. Any more with this old piece of shit, and I'm going crazy.
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Selling stuff

I have already been able to sell some of my Jrock stuff I don't want anymore, but maybe I can find someone for my leftover as well...  :`D

D'espairsRay - Murder Day DVD (rare, out of print)

BLOOD - First Period (sealed, out of print)

Celestia Le ciel/Merveille Magique - Fairy Tales of Celestial World (Special package, includes pins, stickers and bonus CD)

UNDERCODE Omnibus: High Style Paradox III ~Maiden Voyage~

Full details and pictures on Garagesale Japan LJ com:

If you're interested, or know any that might be, drop me a line via comment or PM.
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Hike No 12 (Siebengebirge) - A Full Circle


No 12
Date: August 5th
Weather: sunny & warm
Location: Siebengebirge, Germany
Starting point: Heisterbach Monastery
Destination: Rhöndorf
Via: Petersberg, Geisberg
Destination reached: Yes
Walked Distance: approx. 11 km (6.8 miles)
Duration: 5:00 hours
Treasures found: one
Blisters: none

Collapse )
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